Medical imaging

The Medical imaging use case envisions the development of (neuro)imaging data analysis pipelines integrated with the EOSC platform that allow expert and non-expert users to carry out analyses on public and non-public neuroimaging (fMRI, EEG, MEG) datasets including demographic, health and questionnaire (tabular) data as covariates.
SIESTA will build on existing standards for data curation and organization (BIDS), existing data sharing platforms (OpenNeuro, HCP, Donders Repository), and existing Open Source analysis tools (FSL, SPM, FieldTrip, EEGLAB) to design and implement strategies for running computationally large analyses on (neuro)imaging datasets on the EOSC platform.
This will result in a number of standard analysis pipelines (BIDS apps) that can be executed in a privacy aware method, but also provide guidance for the future development and guidance on research software engineering for medical and neuroimaging tools on EOSC